Bangladesh Infrastructure Finance Fund Limited (BIFFL)
(A Financial Institution owned by the Ministry of Finance, GoB)

Fund Manager

In line with International best practices, BIFFL will get the services of an International Fund Manager.

Fund Manager shall be:

  • separate from the Company, selected and ratified by the Company Board;
  • domestic or international firm with domestic partner (s), having direct experience on Project Financing;
  • will be selected from large multi-disciplinary companies, for instance, management consultant companies, merchant & investment banks, and accountancy firms, or PPP boutiques and ratified by BIFFL Board.

Fund Manager will:

  • devise forms, criteria, procedures and regulations regarding application and fund disbursement for the BIFFL Board approval;
  • evaluate of the loan proposals received from individual PPP projects and provide the recommendation on the merit of the proposal to BIFFL;
  • prepare of independent financial model to determine cash flow of the project along with the Debt-Service coverage ratio and other covenants as required for BIFFL financing;
  • conduct independent due diligence services relating to Management, Commercial, Financial, Environmental & Social aspects of the project;
  • ensure that the corporate standards and good practices are followed in financial matters to support BIFFL operation;
  • deliver effective and efficient fund management in terms of planning, forecasting, monitoring, reporting and management risks;
  • provide guidance, support and challenge to CEO of BIFFL and operational staff in all areas of financing and accounting;
  • advise and supervise the assessment of risks involved in the project to be financed by BIFFL;
  • report to BIFFL with regular updates of works and the next steps to be taken in carrying forward the project financing activities of BIFFL in an efficient way.
  • deploy and monitoring of investment capital upon approval of the investment committee; and
  • perform other functions in accordance with the Investment Agreement.

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